Wednesday 20th May 1992 At home 11.00

“Good morning! It’s Declan Dennis, the Assistant Bed Manager.”
“Good morning, Declan. How are you today?”
“I am fine thanks, Dr Roberts. How are you?”
“I’m not bad, Declan. Another busy day! How is Bronwen Foulkes?”
“She is picking up nicely. She was very anaemic as you suspected. We think she has got a peptic ulcer. She is having a blood transfusion today and I have booked her gastroscopy for Thursday.  She can come home on Friday if everything’s stable. We have done a provisional discharge letter but, obviously, it will need updating on Friday. We will give her a copy and pop it in the post.”
“You are very efficient, Declan.”
“I am doing my best. Have you got another patient for us, today?”
“Yes, I have, Declan. It is a Mr Jordan Brown.

Have you got another patient for us today?
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