Thursday 2nd July 1992   Morning coffee break 11:48

My Dad sat down and sipped his coffee.
“Some patients are downright cheerful, whatever life throws at them,” he said. “I have just seen Mrs Green. She’s got advanced breast cancer. It has spread into her lymph glands. She is not eating properly. She has lost weight. She’s tired and breathless. She knows that the cancer’s going to catch up with her before long. Dr Muller told her that she won’t live for more than three months.”
“We don’t see her very often,” said Dr Lewis.
“No, she just gets on with things. She is always smiling. She never complains. She said she was fine today. She looks quite well but the glands in her neck are very big and hard.”
“Are they painful?”
“Apparently not!”

Downright cheerful.