Thursday 23rd July 1992   Morning surgery 09:23

“Good Morning! It’s Declan Dennis here, the assistant bed manager.”
“Good Morning, Declan. How are you?”
“Hallo, Dr Lewis. I’m fine, thanks.”
“Are you busy?”
“It’s not too bad. We’ve got four patients on the way in. There are three being discharged this morning and another three or four this afternoon. Unless anything unexpected crops up, we will have more than enough beds for the rest of the week. I’ve got one of the bays in Ward 10 in reserve, just in case, but I think we will be alright.”
“You sound very well organised. Listen, Bernard Digby has had quite a nasty knock on his head. He fell off his steps in the garden and was briefly knocked out. He seems fine now and I don’t think there’s a fracture but he’s on Warfarin. I think he will need to be assessed.”
“OK . . . why is he on warfarin, Dr Lewis?”
“It was for a mitral valve replacement, Declan. He had rheumatic fever as a child.”
“I’ll just make a note of that. We can see him on Ward 8 . . . hang on a second . . . let me see . . . there we are . . . we’ve got a free scan slot at 11:45 am . . . good. Can he be on Ward 8 by 10:15, Dr Lewis? We’ll get him clerked in and then he can have his brain scan.”
“I am sure that won’t be a problem, Declan. Thanks very much.”
“Thanks, Dr Lewis.”

Quite a nasty knock on his head.