Thursday 20th August 1992   Morning surgery 10:00

“You tick every box, Mr Williams.”
“What do you mean, doctor?”
“Well, you are 93 years old for a start.”
“I didn’t think it was considered appropriate to assess someone on the basis of their chronological age, these days.”
“I agree with you completely up until the age of 89 years but, after that, we have to think very carefully. You have had high blood pressure for 50 years and diabetes for 23 years so we know that your circulation must be in an awful state. That has been confirmed by 3 heart attacks and a touch of cardiac failure. You’ve also got chronic renal impairment.”
“I’ve got no symptoms from that.”
“Most people don’t until they reach the final stages. You are beginning to get a bit forgetful.”
“Only names!”
“Yes, just names, at the moment.”
“Most people of my age forget a lot more than names.”
“I must say I think you’ve got a touch of Parkinson’s.”
“Parkinson’s? In October, you told me that you were quite sure that I had benign essential tremor and not Parkinson’s.”
“Well, I think I got that wrong. You’ve definitely slowed down. You’re stooping, you’re not swinging your arms much or smiling.”
“Anyway, the point is, with all this going on, you are not really a suitable patient for resuscitation. Your body is coming to the end of it’s working life.”
“I don’t know, Dr Dennis. I feel quite well. I would still like to give it a try.”

You tick every box.
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