Thursday 15th October 1992   Evening surgery 18:10

“Good evening, Dr Dennis. Catrin has come with me. I hope you don’t mind seeing her as well. She has been trying to get an appointment for two weeks.”
“I have spent ages on the ‘phone. I’ve rung every day.” Catrin Davies did not try to hide her irritation. “It’s impossible to get through.”
“We thought you wouldn’t mind,” Mrs Davies continued, “as it is your last appointment of the day and we won’t be holding any other patients up. We have both brought lists. We thought it would be quicker. Do you want to get them out, Catrin?”
Catrin rummaged in her handbag and found the two pieces of paper. “Our problems are quite similar so that should be easier too.” She smiled.
My Dad visibly relaxed. They probably both had a virus.
“My headaches are right over my eyes,” Catrin continued. “They feel like a heavy weight pressing down.”
“She’s sleepy with them,” Mrs Davies added.
“Very sleepy. Sometimes, Mum can’t wake me up.” Catrin looked worriedly at her mum.
“My headaches are at the back.” Mrs Davies smiled. “They seem to start in my neck which is very stiff. I can feel it creaking. It’s horrible! It goes right through me.”
“Sometimes, I can hear it!” Catrin said. “We are both off our food but I feel sick and Mum’s got awful heartburn. Our bowels are playing up, too. I’m constipated.”
“I’ve got diarrhoea.”
“It is difficult to know who is the most tired. We are both very weak. Mum is exhausted. Tom is having to do everything.”
“He’s very good. He doesn’t mind.”
“I have been breathless at times,” Catrin added.
“My breathing is quite good. In fact it has felt better than usual, which is a relief.” Mrs Davies looked pleased to be able to report this.
“We have both got pins and needles in our feet. They are really uncomfortable. We can’t bear them being touched. Mum won’t get into a hot bath. Hot water doesn’t seem to affect me.”
My Dad sighed.  “Listen ladies, this isn’t working for me. If you had something straightforward like sore throats, I could have managed to deal with both of you in one appointment.”
“We have got sore throats, Dr Dennis. I told you, Mum! We should have started with our sore throats.” Catrin Davies glared angrily at us. “Now, we are going to have make two more appointments.”

We’ve both brought lists.