Thursday 22nd October 1992   Morning surgery 09:20

“I don’t want to die of dehydration, doctor.”
My Dad did not say anything.
“I have read in the paper that they are letting cancer patients die of dehydration up at the hospice. They say that it is a terrible way to die. It sounds so inhumane.”
“You are not a cancer patient, Mrs Vaughan.”
“I may be one day, doctor. If it happens, I want you to be there with a drip.”
“To be completely honest, Mrs Vaughan, I am not sure I agree with you. Dehydration can be part of the natural process that takes place when we die of conditions like cancer. As we get weaker, we stop eating and then we stop drinking. I think it is Nature’s way of protecting us.”

I don’t want to die of dehydration.