Thursday 29th October 1992   Morning coffee break 11:40

My Dad sighed and sat down.
“Do you know,” he said, “I’ve seen four patients this week who were all adamant that they’d got shingles and yet not one of them had a rash.”
“Don’t you enjoy the diagnostic challenge, Desmond?”
“No, I don’t, Lois. What’s more, it means that if any of them does end up with shingles, we will have to see them again as soon as the first spots appear.”

“The only symptom that Charlie Ryan had was a peculiar feeling down the outer aspect of his right thigh.  Apparently, his wife had exactly the same sensation in the same leg before her shingles in 1986. He was very put out when I explained that his symptoms did not meet my diagnostic criteria and that I would not be able to prescribe aciclovir.”

Could it be shingles, doctor?