Thursday 24th December 1992 Lunchtime 13:15

I knew that the probability of Dr Lewis picking the present that I had bought for the Portmere Surgery Christmas Bran Tub was low. In fact, if everyone took part as expected, there was only a 1 in 27 chance that she would choose it. Despite this and the fact that it cost quite a lot more than the suggested budget, I decided to buy the perfume. I had had several discussions with the girl in Debenhams who seemed to know everything there was to know about perfumes. She assured me that this particular scent would be perfect for the slightly older more sophisticated lady whilst still having the subtle hints of youthful romance that I wanted.

In the end, Dylan’s earrings were selected. Dilys was horrified when Dr Lewis opened them. They were the exact pair that she had set her heart on. She had even dragged Dylan into the jewellers to see if he thought they suited her. Only he could miss that sort of Christmas hint.

It looked as if it would be a poignant Christmas for me but a nightmare for Dylan.

The Portmere Surgery Christmas Bran Tub.