Friday 14th May 1993 After work 18:45

“Hi, Desmond! How was work?”
“It wasn’t too bad, Daphne. Have you seen the news?”
“No, I haven’t. To be honest, I haven’t stopped all day.” Mum was tidying the kitchen after preparing dinner.
“Valerie Vaughan and Carole Crosby chained themselves to the hospital railings, this morning. I think they are still there.”
“You’re joking! What on earth for?”
“They are protesting about the lack of beds and the waiting lists.” My Dad sighed cynically.
“Good for them! Someone needs to do something.”
“It won’t make any difference.”
“Valerie is a determined woman. I expect she has got something else up her sleeve.”
“Probably something equally stupid.”
“God! I hope she’s not thinking of throwing herself under an ambulance, Desmond.”
“Well, Daphne, I have always said that if you believe in something very strongly, you have to be prepared to make sacrifices.”

Chained to the hospital railings.