Thursday 24th June 1993 After dinner 19:30

Dr Lewis is always pleased if one of her patients tells her what they think is wrong with them. “I like to know what my patients are thinking and, if they are correct, it makes things much easier for me.”

My Dad takes exactly the opposite view. He will become visibly irritated and usually come up with something as far removed from their speculations as possible. This can work out quite well if the patient is a poor diagnostician.
Mr Parker had come in this morning insisting that he had experienced three simple faints over the last few days. Fainting was a family trait that had affected his father, his paternal aunt and his sister.
Despite his protestations, my Dad packed Mr Parker off to hospital and by 2 o’clock he had had a pacemaker fitted.

I dread to think what would have happened if he had told my Dad that he thought he was in complete heart block!

Complete heart block.