Thursday 8th July 1993 Morning surgery 10:10

Valerie Vaughan started to get up then stopped, sat down again and frowned at my Dad.
“Desmond, I have no doubt that the majority of our consultations would have a far more satisfactory outcome for both of us if you took the time to explore my ideas, concerns and expectations.”
“I have never been an ideas, concerns and expectations man, Mrs Vaughan.”
Valerie Vaughan nodded knowingly. “I don’t suppose it was included in your training all those years ago.”
“Actually, it was. But, I think it is an approach that suits a particular type of doctor. It doesn’t come naturally to me.”
“That hardly surprises me,” Valerie Vaughan stated. “My worry is that this slight deficiency on your part may mean that my health care is not as well tailored to my needs as it should be.”
“I always do my best, Mrs Vaughan. You know that.”
“You never summarise, either.”
“I am not a summariser.  You could see Dr Lewis. She is a great advocate of patient centred practice and a skilful summariser.”
“I don’t think dumping me on Dr Lewis is the answer.” Valerie Vaughan frowned again.
“What were you expecting, Mrs Vaughan?”
“I want you to up your game, Desmond. That’s all.”

Ideas, concerns and expectations.