Thursday 29th July 1993 Morning surgery 10:10

Dilys came rushing excitedly in as soon as Mr Gaunt left the room.
“Mrs Cunningham’s got acute glaucoma, Dr Dennis.”
“Try not to be so dramatic, Dilys. Always remember that common things are common. I’ve only ever seen two cases of acute glaucoma and I have been in the practice for thirty years. We’ll prescribe some chloramphenicol drops.”
“Her eye is red but it’s not conjunctivitis, Dr Dennis. Last night, she had an awful headache and felt sick. This morning she woke up with a terrible pain behind her right eye. Her vision was very blurred. She vomited twice. I have checked her visual acuity. She cannot even see my fingers properly.”
“She has probably forgotten her glasses.” My Dad took his spectacles off. “Here, she can borrow these. Check her eyesight again.”
Dilys looked exasperated. “She did bring her glasses and I did check her vision with her glasses and without them just like Dr Lewis showed us.”
My Dad sighed and got up. “I suppose I will have to have a look but I don’t think it is likely to be glaucoma.”
“She’s been seeing halos. Her pupil is dilated and doesn’t react. Her cornea looks cloudy. She’s got all the symptoms and signs. It must be acute glaucoma.”

It must be acute glaucoma!