Friday 6th August 1993 Morning coffee break 11:40

“Well, Belle Bailey is going into Ashbury Lodge, at last.” My Dad sighed.
“I didn’t think Mr Bailey would ever let her go. He has been so determined to look after her. He was telling me that they had been together for 74 years.” Dr Lewis smiled.
“He couldn’t cope any longer. It’s broken him, really. He was such a fit man for his age. Now, he’s pale and drawn. He’s lost weight. He’s nervous. It’s pitiful to see him.”
Dr Lewis turned to us. “Dementia can be such a terrible illness. For the last two years, Belle Bailey has not recognised her husband. Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, she has started accusing him of being an imposter. It usually happens at night when they are getting ready for bed. She will become restless and pace around the room. She’ll ask him to leave, insisting that her husband is due home. Sometimes, she swears. She scratches and bites him.”
“She won’t settle if he stays there,” my Dad added. “He often has to sleep in the car.”

Belle Bailey