Friday 17th September 1993 Morning coffee break 11:50

“I had my appendix out when I was 14,” said Dr Lewis. “The diagnosis was delayed. They said it was tucked behind the bowel. I had peritonitis by the time they operated. I didn’t pick up after the surgery. The infection had spread into the wound. It was an abscess, really.  I was on antibiotics but they weren’t as strong in those days. Everyone was very worried. They thought they might need to operate again but, because I was so unwell, they weren’t sure I would survive another anaesthetic. The ward sister decided that something needed to be done. She was one of those people who sorted things out. I remember being taken into the treatment room. She probed the wound. She said it would be painful. Once she had made a big enough opening she pressed and squeezed. Eventually, all this thick, yellow pus came out. It was mixed with blood. It stank. I was in tears by the time she finished but I got better very quickly after that. I will always remember her. I think that was why I decided to go into Medicine.”

One of those people who sorted things out.