Friday 24th September 1993 Morning surgery 10:15

My Dad had an altercation with a patient this morning.
“She is obviously drunk,” he muttered when she arrived at his consulting room door. Miss Nerys Hughes was unsteady, her speech was slurred and she had threatened Penny Parry in reception.
My Dad tried to explain our ‘Acceptable Behaviour Policy’ but Miss Hughes was too agitated to take any notice and started shouting. My Dad got up quickly and stated, in an equally loud voice, that he was going to immediately escort the patient from the building. He stepped forward to grab her arm.
Dr Lewis heard the commotion, came rushing out of her own room and spotted that Miss Hughes was hypoglycaemic. To be honest, even I thought she looked very pale and sweaty.

Miss Hughes recovered quickly after 5 jelly babies. She apologised. Dr Lewis made her and my Dad shake hands before she left.

5 jelly babies.