Sunday 10th October 1993 Afternoon tea 16:15

“I would prefer to have a colonoscopy,” Gran said as she took another slice of cake.
“You can’t just have whatever investigations you fancy, Mum. They are doing a gastroscopy because they think there is something wrong with your stomach.”
“I know but I can’t bear the thought of them pushing that tube down my throat. I choked last time.”
“I am sure you didn’t choke. Everyone gags when they have a gastroscopy. You’ll be fine.”
“Well, it’s not my cup of tea, Daphne. I would much rather a colonoscopy. I don’t mind the indignity or the wind.”
Dad took a sausage roll. “If I remember, Doreen, your last gastroscopy was perfectly normal.”
“It certainly won’t be normal this time, Desmond.”
“Your symptoms seem very similar.”
“The gnawing emptiness is much worse.”
My Dad sighed. “I’m not sure what gnawing emptiness means from a medical point of view.”
“I imagine it is very similar to hunger pains,” Mum suggested and frowned at Dad.
“I should think so,” Gran agreed. She tutted.
“I don’t know.” Dad shook his head. “You’ve certainly not lost your appetite.” He was looking at the empty sandwich and sausage roll plates.
“I’m eating to keep my strength up. Even you must realise the importance of that.”
Dad chuckled. “Well, Doreen, my money is on a perfectly normal stomach again.
“And I’m expecting a large gastric ulcer at the very least, Desmond.”
“Well, we’ll find out on Tuesday,” Mum said. “I’ll make another pot of tea.”

I would prefer to have a colonoscopy.