Sunday 12th December 1993 After breakfast 10:10

I had decided that I had to tell Dad that I was leaving the practice. I could not put it off any longer. I had managed to get a place in Liverpool next October to study Journalism. Endaf, my closest friend, and I planned to go travelling in the meantime.

“To be completely honest, Dennis, you have outstayed your welcome,” Dad said after I nervously explained the situation. “When I agreed to let you do work experience in the practice, I envisaged you staying for several weeks, perhaps a couple of months. I certainly didn’t expect you to be with us for six years. Originally, I wondered if you would want to go on and study Medicine. Perhaps, you would eventually take over from me in the practice. However, it soon became clear to me that you didn’t have the qualities required for a career in Medicine. I think Journalism is a reasonable option. I can certainly see you as a tabloid reporter. What do you think, Daphne?”
Mum didn’t answer.

You have outstayed your welcome.